Low Carb Snack List

75+ Low Carb Snack Ideas

75+ Delicious Low Carb Snack Ideas

On a Low Carbohydrate Diet, traditional snack foods like chips, pretzels, and popcorn are a no-go. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a tremendous selection of delicious and healthy Low Carb snacks to choose from.  We’ve put together the most comprehensive list on the Internet of Low Carb diet snack ideas, including nutritional information about calories and net carbohydrates.  Pro Tip: You can even sort the list by number of calories, number of grams of net carbohydrates, or even alphabetically.  From sweet to savory, and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Low Carb snack below!

Snack Name Description Calories Net Carbs (g) Portion Size
Peanut Butter Peanut butter is a satisfying snack. Predominately a source of fat with some protein, however a newer twist on peanut butter reduces fat calories. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter is de-fatted peanuts result in a powder that can be mixed with water and enjoyed for a quick snack or for dipping. 45 3 2 tbsp
Cheddar Cheese Many types to choose from, whole, 2% to non-fat options. Stick with harder cheeses for a convenient snack when eating solo. Try cheddar cheese, mozzarella, or pepperjack for more flavor. 114 0 1 ounce
String Cheese Runnng out the door and need a low carb snack? Have string cheese on hand to grap when you’re on the go. Mozzarella string cheese is a lower calorie, satisfying option. 80 1 1 ounce
Cottage Cheese Watch out for extra sodium in this lovely snack option. A half of a cup of 1% contains ~ 450mg, but still a low carb option to add into the snacking mix. 81 3 1/2 Cup
Broccoli with Cheese Not a fan of eating cheese all by itself?? Get in a serving of veggies by pairing it with fresh broccoli. 129 1.1 1/2 Cup Broccoli and 1 oz Cheese
Veggie Salad w/ Oil & Vinegar Mix up a batch of your own oil and vinegar dressing in advance. Add lemon, garlic or seasonings to give it a boost of flavor. Have you salad mix prepped and ready to go and you should have no excuse to grab a sald for a snack. 68 9.7 1.5 Cups of Salad and 1 Tbsp Oil & Vinegar
Tomato and Mozzarella Salad Chop up your mozzarella to divide up so each bite of tomato is accompanied by the delicious combination of cheese and veggie. 130 11 15 cherry tomatoes and 1 oz Cheese
Veggies and Greek Yogurt Dip A fresh bowl of 1/4c broccoli and 1/4c cauliflower florets with a side of plain Greek yogurt dipping sauce. Simple and fresh snacking. 47 4 1/2 cup Vegetables and 2 Tbsp Yogurt
Almonds Almonds are an amazing low-carb snack when you’re looking for something crunchy and filling. We order Spicy World Whole Almonds in bulk from Amazon, as they are great quality and cheaper than any supermarket in town. Blue Diamond Snack Packs are also amazingly convenient, and come in some delicious flavors. 205 2.7 1/4 cup or 1 oz
Pickles Need a salt fix, but want to avoid the carbs in crackers and chips. Keep a jar of large dill pickles in the fridge for a refreshing and salty treat. 32 4 2 large Pickles
Turkey and Cheese Roll Up A low carb high protein option. Omit the tortilla and use the turkey to wrap the cheese. 174 2 2 oz Meat + 1 oz Cheese
Pepperoni and String Cheese Want to ramp up the flavor of your snack then pepperoni may be the change of pace you need. Pair with cheese for a tasty low carb snack. 210 2.5 1 oz meat + 1 oz String Cheese
Beef Jerky Don’t have time to put together a snack then beef jerky may be your answer. With many flavors to offer variety keep a bag in your car or office to cut out the excess carbs. We highly recommend Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks. 116 2.5 1 ounce
Hard Boiled Eggs The perfect protein makes a perfect low carb snack. Boil up a bunch for the week and grab them when you need a protein boost. 155 1 2 eggs
Edamame (Shelled) A fresh and easy option to snack on between meals. No heating necessary, just eat them straight from the fridge for a satisfying snack. 124 6 1/3 cup
Pork Rinds Not in the mood for a single gram of carb then pour yourself a small bowl of pork rinds. A low calorie crunchy treat. We love Lowrey’s Microwaveable Pork Rinds 80 0 1 serving (.5oz)
Celery with Cream Cheese Celery and cream cheese pair well. A high fiber veggie drops the net carbs of this snack option. A rich cream cheese dip makes this a satisfying option. 84 2.5 1 cup chopped + 2 Tbsp Cream Cheese
Atkins Bars The protein and fiber of this bar make this a quick, convenient, and satisfying option that leave carb cutters pleased to go back for more. Our favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip Granola and Caramel Nut Chew. 190 8 1 Bar
Atkins Shakes No time to make breakfast? The Atkins shake is a ready to drink option to keep in your pantry or refrigerator for just those moments. We recommend French Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Delight, which we find are surprisingly tasty for a diet shake. 160 2 1 Shake
Quest Bars With more flavors than you could try in a week this well liked protein bar is a must try option for a convenient snack. These bars are PACKED full of fiber with over 15 grams in their bars this should leave you plenty full! We’re in love with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie. 170 7 1 Bar
NuGo Smarte Carb Bar Make sure you reach for the Smarte Carb options in this product line of protein bars. While they don’t pack in quite as much fiber as Quest Bars, they are quite tasy, especially the Peanut Butter Crunch flavor. 170 14 1 Bar
Celery with Peanut Butter Serve 3 celery stalks with 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter. 208 5.5 1/2 cup Sticks + 1 oz Peanut Butter
Low-Carb Tortilla and Cheese Want a starch fix then a low-carb tortilla is the perfect solution! Smear on a layer of cream cheese and you have a balanced snack. We love Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas, but most grocery stores have a few low-carb tortilla options available as well. 130 3 1 tortilla + 2 Tbsp Cream Cheese
Just The Cheese Snacks A crunchy snack without the carbs. A crowd pleasing option for snacking. Just The Cheese are the low-carb dieter’s answer to Cheez-Its. 75 1 22 pieces
Chicken Wings Need an option when you’re out for a BBQ or watching the game you can always be sure the chicken wings won’t pack on any extra carbs. Only a few grams from the sauce. Stick with hot and spicy or a dry rub to keep the carbs low. 140 6 2 wings (2oz)
Rotisserie Chicken (Breast) A quick option for dinner that would be easy to carry into your next snack. Grab a few ounces after a workout to help with repair and recovery. 145 1.5 3 ounces
Deviled Eggs Offering a bit of indulgence vs your standard hardboiled egg. If you have more time to prep the deviled egg your taste buds with be thanking you. 128 0.6 2 halves
Egg Salad on Low-Carb Wrap A wonderful substitute to bread. Keep you favorite sandwich mixture and change up the wrap for a satisfying snack. Throw in some cayenne pepper and cumin to spice things up! We use Paleo Wraps made from coconut – delicious and amazingly low in carbs and calories. 200 4.7 1.5 oz salad + 1 wrap
Tuna Salad on Low-Carb Wrap A quick and tasty snack. Mix in some of your favorite spices and throw it on a low-carb wrap and you’re all set. 150 8 1.5 oz salad + 1 wrap
Bacon Covered Jalapeño Poppers At this recipe to your weekend to-do list and your taste buds will be thanking you. Packed full of flavor with a welcomed kick from the roasted jalapeno. 100 Days of Real Food has an amazing recipe! 180 1 4 halves
Sugar-Free Jello Looking for a quick snack that omits all carbs? This sugar free will do the trick. 10 0 1 container
Popsicles (No Sugar Added) A fruit bar with little sugar? Make your own or try this quick and convenient option for a refreshing treat. EDY’s Outshine brand are awesome! 30 4.5 1 Popsicle
Pickled Herring If the pickled flavor is your thing you’ll get plenty of protein with this option. 74 3 1 ounce
Guacamole No time to mash up an avocado? Put Wholly Guacamole Snack Packs on your grocery list so the next time you’re looking for those missing avocados you’re all set. 100 2 1 Pack
Chunky Vegetable Soup A nice cold weather option to warm you up. A nice serving of veggies in a comforting broth. We love heating up a bowl of Amy’s Organic Fat Free Chunky Vegetable Soup on a chilly day. 60 10 1 cup
Turkey Jerky Not a fan of beef jerky or just want to explore other flavors you’ll have just as many options to explore in the turkey family. Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks are our absolute favorite. 100 1 1 ounce
Avocado Packed full of potassium you don’t need to only rely on bananas. Take a half and scoop out the flavorful flesh. Yum! 160 2 Half
Bacon A nice option for fat and protein this is something you can whip extra of in the morning or on the weekend and grab when you need a quick snack. 180 0.5 4 slices
Minute Muffins Few ingredients, simple and quick is what these muffins offer. Good for you components with flavor will leave you coming back to make more. Follow this recipe from Food.com for quick, easy, low-carb muffins. 268 2 1 muffin
Olives Technically speaking a fruit, but widely associated with the vegetable group with a zest to add to salads, build a creative appetizer or as a simple snack. Packed full of nutrients and a good source of monounsaturated fats. With many varieties, textures, colors and flavors you have plenty of options to explore. 50 2 2 ounces
Fat Bombs Your main source of energy while significantly reducing your carbs will be fat. This is an easy treat to throw together to rev up the fat in your snacks. Check out the recipe from Diet Keto. 300 8 1 Bomb
Low-Carb Pancakes You’ve mastered the low carb lifestyle and you’re managing a few carbs here and there this product is a great way to enjoy pancakes without the carb load. With only 7 net carbs for a serving you’ll easily enjoy this low-carb pancake mix from Big Train. 90 7 3 small
Iced Coffee Blend a cup of light soymilk with a shot or two (1/8 to 1/4 cup) of espresso or triple-strength coffee (decaf if you’re sensitive to caffeine). Serve over or blend with 3/4 cup crushed ice for an iced soy latte. Delicious! 73 7.5 10 oz
Low Carb Brownies Didn’t think you could have brownies while living the low carb lifestyle? Met the Big Train Low Carb Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix. An all natural tasty treat with only 8 net carbs. 150 8 1 serving
Low Carb Chili A chili sans beans means a low carb option you can enjoy. Packed full of beef, this savory chili is sure to be enjoyed. Follow this recipe and keep it handy in your fridge for a delicious low-carb snack. 280 6 1 cup
Protein Shake Everyone needs an easy option for those chaotic mornings. Grab a protein shake to start the day off on the right foot. ZOIC Belgian Chocolate shakes are tasty and packed with vitamins and minerals. 90 1 12 oz
Low Carb Cookies Another Big Train product will leave you with the ability to quickly add a cookie to you list of snack options without worrying about exceeding your carb goal for the day. 120 7 1 cookie
Dark Chocolate Always a crowd favorite. Plenty of benefits when you select dark chocolate vs milk and it can fit nicely in your low carb day. Lindt Excellence Supreme Dark Chocolate is amazing, and much cheaper online than bought impulsively at the register of your local food store. 240 7 4 squares
Loaded Nacho Meatballs A delicious and creative approach to infuse the nacho flavors without the tortilla chips. Give these Loaded Nacho Meatballs a try over the weekend and take the extras to work for an easy snack. 200 1 3 meatballs
Portabello Potato Skins Need a calorie boost? These amazing Portabello Potato Skins from Low Carb Linda will give you just that. The calories you need without the carbs! 430 5.5 1/2 skin
Cheese Chips A great alternative to chips. With a little patience and time you can prepare a large batch and have as an option to quickly grab during the week. We use this Baked Cheese Crisps recipe from Joyful Abode. 150 1 1 serving
Spinach or Kale Chips You don’t need to spend extra to buy these in the store. Toss them on a pan and bake to crisp for a brilliant snack option. Get the recipe here from Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian. 50 5 1 cup
Oopsie Rolls Enjoy someone else’s ‘mistake’ with these low carb rolls. You can whip them up in seconds all you have to do is wait 30 minutes for them to bake. Get the recipe here from Your Lighter Side. 85 0.6 1 roll
Chicken Salad Keep a can or pouch in your pantry as a staple. You can whip up a flavorful chicken salad mixture in minutes depending what veggies you have available to chop and combine. 170 6 1/2 cup
Flax Chips and Cheese The word chips doesn’t have to mean packed full of carbs. Foods Alive Golden Flax Chips offer the delicious and nutritious benefits of flax in a reduced carb cracker. Pair with cheese for a complete snack. 230 1 10 Chips + 1 oz String Cheese
Sunflower Seeds Keep it simple and opt for a handful of sunflower seeds. Want to extend your snacking time select the sunflower seeds in the shells. We order the classic David’s Jumbo Sized Sunflower Seeds. 165 3.7 1oz
Low Carb Tortilla and Ricotta Cheese The tried an true La Tortilla factory tortilla is only 50 calories and can be paired with a multitude of combinations. Try with ricotta cheese, a little salt and pepper and sliced tomato. 104 3.5 1 tortilla + 2 oz Cheese
Black Bean Dip and Cucumbers A small portion of black bean dip to jazz up your cucumbers is a good combination of flavors. 56 8 1/4 cup dip + 1 cup cucumbers
Hummus with Celery or Cucumbers Hummus can be a part of the low carb picture, keep the portion low and pair with cucumbers which only pack in 3 grams of carbs for a whole cup of slices. 62 5 1 cups veg + 1/4 cup dip
Pumpkin Seeds The fall is the perfect timing for this delightful snack. Carve your pumpkins, roast the seeds and freeze to enjoy into the winter months. 126 10 1 oz
Black Bean Patty and Sour Cream Grab a black bean patty from the freezer section and top with a dollup of cream cheese the combination is fabulous. 150 9.5 1 patty + 1 Tbsp sour cream
Almond or Coconut Milk Simple and easy. Pour yourself a glass of milk if you can’t eat during your snack time. See it’s simple! 90 1 8 oz
Shrimp with Guacamole Leftover shrimp from the previous nights dinner will be the easiest way to incorporate this snack. Take a portion of the shrimp to dip with the Wholly Guacamole to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. 130 2 5 large + 1 snack pack
Tuna and Guacamole You can get tuna pouches at any grocer. Add the convenient Wholly guac dip and this will be a slam dunk. 260 2.5 1 oz tuna + 1 snack pack
Artichoke Cut artichoke in half (from the stem to the tip) and cut out the inedible thistle part of the center of the artichoke. Place in microwave-safe, covered container with 1/2 cup water and cook on high until tender throughout (about 6 minutes for one artichoke or 10 minutes for two). Enjoy with lemon juice. 76 8 Half
Grilled Fajita Chicken Strips You can find this pre-cooked in the deli meat section usually. An easy way to make sure you get your protein in for the day. 110 1 3 oz
Bell Peppers Who says you can have a sweet vegetable on a low carb diet. Select a sweet bell pepper, simply cut into slices and enjoy. 30 5 1 whole
Zucchini Parmesan Crisps Try this recipe to add some veggies to your diet. Topping them with parmesan makes you non-zucchini lovers more apt to try these bite size morsels. 143 5 1 Zucchini
Tofu Pudding Toss the ingredients in this simple recipe into your blender a ta-da you have a healthy alternative to packaged pudding. Not to mention more protein! 110 7 1/2 cup
Cucumber Feta Rolls Have a party to go to. Bring these to ensure you have a low carb option to enjoy. Get the recipe from Good Life Eats! 100 1 4 rolls
Roasted Seaweed Snacks Another simple idea for snacking. Throw in your purse or desk and when an urge for a salty treat hits you’ll be ready. Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks are our brand of choice. 30 1 10 sheets
Breakfast Sausages Not just for breakfast. These Jimmy Dean’s Pork Sausage Links can heat up quickly for a between meal protein fix. 260 2 4 sausages
Think Thin Bites Need help controlling your portions. These snack sized goodies may be your solution. Offered in tasty flavors, this will add another convenient item to your list. Try them in Cookies & Cream flavor! 100 5 1 Bar
Broccoli Soup A warm tummy pleasing option with a smooth and creamy texture. Enjoy with shredded cheese melting on top or just how it’s served. Imagine Organic Creamy Broccoli Soup is our favorite! 70 10 1 cup

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